My Days are Circus Days


My Days are Circus Days

Wash Out

Just about got it!


I think I have it finally. By all means....take it for a spin!

This is Mom & Oden at Baraboo, WI - with the Swan Bandwagon in the background.

Coming Soon - Buckles Blog v4.0!


I'm almost there!

I am almost finished with the modifications. The Left side bar is about done. This page is designed so everybody can view it ok. My last try ended up stranding about 30% of the viewers with small screens - this should work for them.
Poke around - this format will move over to Dad's web site this weekend - Wanted to give time for people to take it for a spin.

Feedback welcome


Made more Changes


I'm at it again

This should look good in 800x600 screen resolutions thru 1280x1024. In short for those with older and smaller screens, this should look OK.

The photo is from Jim Peterson's "My Days are Circus Days" web site. Gee, where has all the time gone?

The text and the size and color where it overlays the picture on the left side - I still need to tweak it - it's a work in progress.

Comments are welcome.